World Council


World Council of Fellowship Churches

World Council of Fellowship Churches is a nonprofit organization founded and established by Apostle Willie and Janice Taylor. This vision has been in my heart for years. In August 2012 we received the release from the Lord to share- the vision. On September 01, 2012 in Jacksonville, North Carolina World Council of Fellowship Churches was launched.

Mission statement: Exposure Expands Expectations

Mission: To provide an apostolic covering to the office of the five fold ministry:

To be an apostle to the apostle
To give guidance and wisdom to the prophet
To strengthen and encourage the arm of the evangelist
To build up and restore credibility back to the office of pastor
To equip, edify, and encourage the teacher to be instant in season and out of season
To be a father, mentor, pastor, and bishop to some, and an apostle to others


To encourage and provide a covering to the pastor that has seemed to be overlooked because of the size of his/her church
To show compassion and respect to every man and woman of God irrespective of who they are, or what they may have or the size of their ministry
To provide a place for those in the five fold ministry to come together in like precious faith and be empowered with the tools for advancing the kingdom of God with excellence